mandala "Badra"



The mother gave the following explanation about Badra’s mandala:

In the centre is the buddha. Badra was raised as a catholic, but aims at Buddhism. The centre is filled with warm colours, matching the child. The Buddha is surrounded by lotus leaves, which represent communication. Pink stands for love and tranquility. At the top are peacocks: the mother sees these as the symbol of proud parents! They also symbolize a long life, and in Buddhism they stand for compassion and being alert. The two elephants are animals that exist in Sri Lanka. They represent a solid foundation. There are two, because there are two mothers. The butterflies: the Vanessa butterfly on the right can be found in the Netherlands, and the Daphnis nerii on the left exists in warm countries, such as Sri Lanka. The two butterflies keep the mandala balanced. They were chosen because, as a child, Badra used to fly easily from one person to another. The choice for the moth was made because in stead of going to sleep, she used to be quite active at night.

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The mandalas:
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